ESSI Bulletin #08: UK publishes its Space Regulatory Review mentioning ESSI by name

Category: Policy Making, Industry

The Earth∞Space Sustainability Initiative (ESSI) is proud to be mentioned by name in the newly released Space Regulatory Review from the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT).
The Space Regulatory Review establishes the key regulatory priority areas for the UK’s space sector to maintain its innovative, attractive, and competitive regulatory environment, including the importance of fostering international partnerships with spacefaring nations and incentivising world-leading sustainable practices to protect the space environment.
On page 22, the report says, “The UK should set out its approach to supporting the work that the industry-led Earth and Space Sustainability Initiative is doing to develop standards in key areas across the orbital economy, through the proportionate use of incentives, regulation, or legislation.”
This is a reference to ESSI’s flagship Sustainable Space Standards Project, which has been established with His Majesty’s Government (HMG) support through the UK Space Agency. 
Dedicated to understanding and incentivising sustainable activities in space, ESSI brings together industry, academia, governments and international organisations, with the finance and insurance communities to ensure that space continues to support the environmental, economic and scientific interests of current and future generations.
The Space Regulatory Review has been developed in collaboration with over 100 industry representatives.  It offers a unified regulatory roadmap for the future of the UK space sector and our flourishing space economy.
In the publication’s press release, ESSI director Joanne Wheeler says, "The UK has a strong reputation for law, regulation and policy across industries to catalyse investment and growth. The space industry has called upon the government to further support it through enabling, agile, growth-driven, sustainability-focused regulation, and through the Space Regulatory Review the government has stepped up. The UK now needs to be bold and proficient in its implementation of the outcomes of this review, in an increasingly competitive international environment, anticipate innovation and lead.”
The original press release is here and the full report is published here.

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